Thursday, 4 February 2016

                          Book review

For English class we had to read a book in a certain time and then write a review on our blog.I read the book dead time by Anne Cassidy.d with suspense and conspiracy, a story of two teenagers trying to track down their allegedly dead parents unfolds.
Rose Smith used to have a pretty average life, living with her mother and her mother's partner Brendan and his twelve year old son, Joshua, life couldn't be more normal. But when her mother and Brendan go out for dinner and never come back, Rose's world turns upside down.
Murdered by assassins because they were working on a cold case, that's what the police told Rose and Joshua about their parents who both worked in the police force. For Rose it was a shock but after going to live with her grandmother and enrolling at Mary Linton high school, the shock wore off and Rose pushed all of the fear and sadness to a deep corner in the back of her head.

After getting in touch with Joshua five years after he went to live with his uncle however, Rose realises that for Joshua, the fear and sadness never left. Overjoyed by finally having a piece of her old family back, Rose somewhat reluctantly helps Joshua and his flatmate Skeggsie track down their parents. Her parents aren't all that is worrying Rose however, she witnesses two deaths of classmates at her college. Could they be linked somehow to Rose's terrible past? And can she find out the murderer?
Dead Time rings with the effect that a terrifying past can have on children and of how reuniting with family can be both wonderfully healing and yet bring back terrible emotions. The characters are so very realistic and the plot and building climax of the story almost addictive. The story resembles that of Sherlock Holmes but with teenagers as sleuths and a setting in modern London.
Throughout the story the relationship between Rose and her grandmother grows from quite distant to more understanding but the dark suspicions her grandmother has about Brendan and her mother are all too believable to allow the reader to rest.
With all the conspiracy about who the murders of both students at Rose's college unravel, the truth of the incidents will no doubt make you gasp in shock. A story full of twists, lies and clues, this is why i really enjoyed this book. :))))))

Monday, 11 January 2016

                                                         Funwalk 2015

This year our theme was yellow. We had to come up with a dance routine along with every other class in the school and preform it on the day. We came up with the dance routine from ghost busters.The songs we choose to do were what do you mean by Justin Bieber and the theme song to ghost busters and easy love by sigala. The judges picked a winner from all the year groups and Merkel won hard luck lagarde!!!!!!!!! :(((((((((((

Thursday, 3 December 2015

                                    Art trip to Kilkenny.
On the 24th of September we headed to Kilkenny for our art trip. I sat next to pia on the bus and we listened to music the whole way down to Kilkenny.We stopped at Kilkenny castle and walked down to the cinema. We watched the song of the sea which is an irish film made in Kilkenny. After the movie we went back to Kilkenny castle and we were divided into groups. We were in the third group so we had some time to wonder around Kilkenny castle. We took loads of photographs and then we went to the playground.we played on the swings and then we got kicked out by the security guard L. We went around the waterfall and a very nice American  couple took our photo and then pia took theirs. then we went into kilkenny castle and saw a display of the song of the sea. when we were finished and we took a group photo of all tys. :) :) :)

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